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Unit 01 Main Idea

                        D.  Find the main idea that tells what the passage is about.

                        1.  Mina is going on a trip. She went shopping to buy things for the trip. She
                           bought some shoes, shirts, shorts, and a swimming suit. She is very excited
                           about her trip.

                         ① Mina loves shopping.
                         ② Mina prepares for her trip.
                         ③ Mina needs money to go on her vacation.

                        2.   My mom is a doctor so she is very busy. She has to go to work early and often
                           comes home late. At the hospital, she helps many sick people.

                         ① My mom cannot cook.
                         ② My mom is a busy doctor.
                         ③ My mom works at a hospital.

                        3.   Alice is in the living room. She is on the couch eating potato chips. She has
                           been watching television all day long. Her mother asked her to stop, but Alice
                           does not obey.

                         ① Alice’s favorite snack is potato chips.
                         ② Alice is watching too much television.
                         ③ Watching television can be educational.

                        4.   It is raining outside. Everyone has an umbrella except for me. I didn’t know it
                           was going to rain. I have to run to the bus stop, but it is far. I hope I don’t get
                           too wet.

                         ① I should have brought my umbrella.
                         ② I have to take the bus.
                         ③ I don’t want to be sick.

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