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Writing Drill

                     E. Read each story. Then write the main idea.

                     1.   Dami does not exercise. She says that she is too busy. Dami is always studying.
                        She studies every morning, night, and even on the weekend.

                     ⇢ The main idea of this passage is “Dami studies all the time.                        ”

                     2.  My brother and I got into an argument yesterday. He took my new shirt
                        without asking me. After he wore the shirt, he put it back, but the shirt was
                        very dirty. Now, my shirt is old and dirty.

                     ⇢ The main idea of this passage is “My new shirt is ruined.                           ”

             Track 01 F. Listen and write each sentence on the line.

                     1. The family is eating together.

                     2. A boy plays computer games.

                     3. They are talking on the phone.

                     4. It is snowy in winter.

                     5. Mina prepares for her trip.

                     6. My mom is a busy doctor.

                     7. Alice is watching too much television.

                     8. I forgot my umbrella.

                     9. Dami studies all the time.

                     10. My new shirt is ruined.

                     11. The baby is crying.

                     12. The girl is crossing the street.

                     12 |  Part 1 Writing to Explain

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