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Bricks Speaking School Starter

                      Unit      Topic            Word              Expression                 Function

                       06     Different    New Year’s Day,      •  What is it?        ❶ Talking about things
                              People,      relaxed, friendly,   •  What ~ like?           A: What is kimchi?
                              Different    feel thankful, gift,   •  for example          B: It is a delicious Korean food.
                              Cultures     wait one’s turn,     •  stand in line      ❷ Description of people
                                           get together,                                  A: What are the people like?
                                           give one’s seat                                B: They are nice and kind.

                       07     Nature       pine tree, a few trees,  •  Is/Are there ~ ?  ❶ Yes or No questions
                              Around Us    bug, rose,           •  Yes, there is/are ~,        A: Are there any trees?
                                           many flowers, wolf,   No, there isn’t/aren’t~.      B: Yes, there are many trees.
                                           daisy, garden        •  What kind of ~?    ❷ Talking about kinds
                                                                •  It is ~ / They are ~      A: What kind of animal is it?
                                                                                          B: It is a lion.

                       08     My           delicious, exercise,  •  Where is the best   ❶ Talking about vacations
                              Free Time    worst, enough sleep,  place to ~ ?             A:   Where is the best place to
                                           fastest, gym,        •  Is ~ more ~ than ~?      B:   Jeju Island is the best place
                                           lose weight,         • ~  is more ~ than ~.    to travel.
                                           take the subway      •  as ~ as            ❷ Comparison
                                                                                          A:   Is playing soccer more fun
                                                                                          than playing baseball?
                                                                                          B:   Yes. it is. /
                                                                                          No, it isn’t. Playing baseball is
                                                                                          more fun than playing soccer.

                       09     Moving       call my friend,      •  Do you ~ ?         ❶ Talking about communication
                              Together     bus #532, e-mail,    •  Yes, I do./            A: Do you use a computer?
                                           get off, USB flash drive,   No, I don’t.       B:   Yes, I do. I write e-mails to
                                           keep in touch,       •  What is the best way   my friends. / No, I don’t.
                                           two hours by train,   ~ ?                  ❷ Talking about transportation
                                           study online         •  will, should           A:   What is the best way to get
                                                                •  It takes ~             there?
                                                                                          B:   You should take the bus. It
                                                                                          will take 5 minutes.

                       10     Living       fall down,           •  What is the matter?  ❶ Talking about problems
                              Together     elderly people, trash,  •  What can I do?      A: What is the matter?
                                           cut down, the poor,  •  You can ~              B: I am sick.
                                           sad and lonely,      •  Do ~. / Do not ~.  ❷ Offering help
                                           oil spill, clean up                            A: What can I do?
                                                                                          B: You can bake cookies.

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