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4                                                                                               Understanding and Use of Basic Grammar Rules from Components to Sentence Structure

              Bricks Grammar is a basic grammar series for beginners who have just started to study English
              grammar. These four grammar books offer a subdivided curriculum so that every beginner can
              easily start grammar study. Composed of easy-to-understand grammar explanations with friendly
              illustrations, various and systematically staged practice drills, and a variety of online resources,
              Bricks Grammar allows students to understand grammar and use their grammar knowledge in the
              real world. The ultimate goal of each lesson and the whole series is to enable students not only to
              apply their grammar in written and spoken English, but also prepare them for the higher levels of
              grammar forms and meanings.

              KEY FEATURES
              • Suitably Subdivided Curriculum for Beginners                                                                                WITH WORKBOOK
              • Easy-to-Understand Grammar Explanations with Friendly Illustrations
              • Various, Practical, and Systematically Staged Exercises                                                          4
              • Workbook Providing Extra Grammar Practices
              • Review Tests & Assessment Tests Preparing for Actual School Tests

              • Student Book (Workbook / Assessment Tests / Answer Key included)

              Online Resources:
              Word Lists & Tests / Sentence Lists & Tests / Grammar Tests (3Types) / Grammar Summary Notes /
              Lesson Plans / Answer Keys


              Bricks Grammar Series


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                                                                                ISBN 978-89-6435-914-3
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