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Unit              Non-personal Subject ‘it’

           A     Let’s Find the Grammar Point!

                                It’s time to go to school!
                                                            Mark  Wake up, Mary. It’s time to go to school!
                                                            Mary  What time is it?

                                                            Mark  It’s seven o’clock.

                                                            Mary  OK. Let’s leave home at eight-twenty.
                                                                  How’s the weather today?
                                                            Mark  It’s hot. So, you have to wear light clothes.

                                                            Mary  Look at the window! It’s raining.

           B     Let’s Learn!

             •  When you talk about time, ‘it’ doesn’t mean anything. It is just used as a subject.

            It’s half past eleven.     It’s fifteen to twelve.  It’s twelve o’clock.     It’s a quarter past twelve.

             •  When you talk about weather, ‘it’ is also used as a subject. It doesn’t mean anything.

                It’s sunny.                 It’s windy.              It’s rainy.               It’s cloudy.

           C     Let’s Learn More!

             • What time is it?

             • It snows a lot in winter.             It rains a lot in summer.

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