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Unit              Pronouns

           A     Let’s Find the Grammar Point!

                                                     I love my dad.
                                                  And he loves me, too.

                                                           I love my dad. And he loves me, too.
                                                           He plays with me.

                                                           And he tells me many interesting stories.
                                                           I like his stories very much.
                                                           Today is Father’s Day. So, I wrote him a card.

                                                           And I gave it to him with a present.
                                                           He liked my presents. And he was so happy.

           B     Let’s Learn!

             • Subject pronouns are used in the subject position before the verb. Possessive adjectives are

             used with nouns. Object pronouns are used in the object position after the verb.

                                    Subject Pronoun          Possessive Adjective        Object Pronoun

                                           I                        my                        me
                                          you                      your                       you
                  Singular                he                        his                       him

                                          she                       her                       her
                                           it                       its                        it
                                          we                        our                        us

                   Plural                 you                      your                       you
                                          they                     their                     them

           C     Let’s Learn More!

             • I think about her.                          I am with him.

             • my mom’s book                               Jane’s birthday
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