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How to Use…

            Bricks Smart Grammar is a two-book series that follows Bricks First Grammar. Designed to build
            on the learners’ grammar knowledge from Bricks First Grammar, it is filled with simple yet
            interesting chapters with many practice activities. With a writing practice section after every two
            units, this book helps learners successfully prepare for various writing tests by improving their

            overall writing skills.

            ★   Studentbook

                    Let’s Find the Grammar Point!                                 Let’s Practice!
              In this section, learners will not only acquire                In this section, learners will
              grammar naturally but also learn conversational                practice what they learned

              expressions through interesting stories or                     in the previous sections
              dialogues with pictures.                                       through various activities.

                     Let’s Learn!                                           Let’s Learn More!
                In this section, learners can categorize and          In this section, learners will get the

                summarize the grammar point of each                   chance to explore additional grammar
                lesson using simple charts and tables.                points in simple-sentence contexts.
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