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D. Rewrite the sentences using pronouns.

               (1) Jane likes Tom’s cat, Tiger.                   ➔     She likes his cat, Tiger.

               (2) Mike likes Lisa and Carol’s car.               ➔

               (3) Paul and Yuna have a son.                      ➔

               (4) The daughter’s name is Sally.                  ➔

               (5) Do you like your brother?                      ➔

            E. Complete the story with ‘its’ and ‘it’s.’

               My dog is lost. We can’t find him. We are so worried.    It’s    cold

               outside. And,           already ten p.m. Where is my dog? How can we

               find my dog? We look everywhere. We find           collar. Then we

               find           bone. But we don’t find my dog. Now           eleven p.m.

                         very dark outside.           foggy, too. We can’t see anything.

               Wait! I can hear           bark! Over there! Quick! Oh, no. That is

               not my dog. Where could he be? My dad asks, “Did you look in

               dog house?” Oops! There’s my dog. Sleeping in           house.

            F. Complete the story using the correct pronouns.

               “   It   is seven o’clock,” Dad says every morning.

               He wakes             up for breakfast every morning. But,             hate getting up.
                          [we]                                      [we]

                            are so tired. Mom helps Dad.             helps             cook the eggs.
                 [we]                              [she]        [he]

                            work together. The children have work to do, too.             make              beds. Also,
                [they]                                                 [we]         [we]

                            get dressed.             brother puts on             shirt.             sister brushes             hair.
                 [we]              [I]                   [he]        [I]                 [she]

                        put on             hat. Everyone eats breakfast together.          is nice.
                [I]         [I]                                       [it]

                                                                                                  Writing Exercise  11
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