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Unit              Writing Exercise


           A. Complete the sentences with subject or object pronouns.
            (1) My dad and I are at home.    We    are happy.

            (2) Mike and his sister are playing a game.              are playing soccer.

            (3) You and Jake are my good friends. I like              a lot.

            (4) My parents are angry with my brother and me. They are yelling at             .

            (5) My mom and I bake together.              make lots of food!

           B. Complete the sentences using possessive adjectives.

            (1) I like    your    shirt. Where did you buy it?

            (2) Can you help me? I need              help.

            (3) This is not Tom’s book. That is              book.

            (4) I bought a present for Jane. It is              birthday today.

            (5) This is              new car. I got it yesterday.

           C. Complete the sentences.

            (1)                              (2)                             (3)

                She has many shoes.              This is Tom’s suitcase.         My dad has a cat.

                They are    her shoes   .        It is                           .  It is                           .

            (4)                              (5)                             (6)

                Jane bought some ice cream.      The dog has a bone.             The children have many toys.

                It is                           .  It is                           .  They are                           .
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