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Unit              Plural Nouns

           A     Let’s Find the Grammar Point!

                                                 Find and circle the plural nouns!

                                                                                      two flowers

                                                                                       four shoes
                                                                                       four socks
                                                                                       two cans
                                                                                     two children

                                                                                    two fishing rods

           B     Let’s Learn!

             • If a countable noun is plural (more than one), put ‘-s’ or ‘-es’ at the end of the noun.

              -s                                               -es

                           Most words                                  s, x, ch, sh and o → + es
               crayon             crayons                       bus                 buses
               stamp              stamps                        box                 boxes
               backpack           backpacks                     bench               benches
               notebook           notebooks                     dish                dishes

               orange             oranges                       potato              potatoes

              -ies                                             -ves

                       Consonant + y → ies                                    f → ves
               candy              candies                       leaf                leaves
               party              parties                       thief               thieves

           C     Let’s Learn More!

                 Singular   man      woman        child         foot      tooth       goose      mouse
                   Plural   men      women        children      feet      teeth       geese      mice

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