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Writing Exercise

                                                                   This section is designed to help students
                                                                   make grammatically correct sentences
                                                                   based on the previous two units. Learners
                                                                   can review what they have learned

                                                                   separately or integratively.

                   Progress Test
              Every eight units, there is a progress

              test, giving learners the chance to see
              how much their understanding of
              English grammar has improved.

                                                                   ★  Workbook

                                                                   The Workbook provides a wide variety
                                                                   and quantity of questions to solidify
                                                                   what students have learned. This

                                                                   separate book can be used as extra
                                                                   curriculum materials or as homework.

                                   ★   Multimedia CD

                                   The Multimedia CD contains Student Book in E-Book format for learners
                                   to review. It provides learners with further explanations, and answers
                                   of Student Book. In addition, dialogues from Student Book are all

                                   recorded in Multimedia CD, giving learners the chance to hear the correct
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