Page 12 - firstgrammar-2
P. 12

C    Make the sentences negative.

                  1. My mother makes cookies.

                      She doesn’t          make pizza.

                  2. He reads a newspaper.

                      He                  read a book.

                  3. I play the piano.

                      I                play the violin.

                  4. My brother and sister play soccer.

                      They                  play tennis.

                  D    Put the words in the correct order.

                  1.      My brother               music.              like             doesn’t

                               My brother doesn’t like music.

                  2.      don’t             We           on Sunday.              go to school

                  3.      sleep             at night.             don’t            The owls

                  4.      A mouse               a cat.            like           doesn’t

                  12     Chapter1. Verb: Simple Present
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