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Nouns (2) Put a or an before the nouns.

                                  a book = one book                              an egg = one egg

                           Put a before the consonants                     Put an before the vowels
                                                                                    (a, e, i, o, u)

                       a bus       a cat       a dog      a flower        an ant                 an elephant
                       a girl      a house a kite         a lemon         an igloo             an octopus

                       a mouse a nest          a pen      a ring          an umbrella
                       a snake     a tiger     a violin a zoo

                  C    What is it? Fill in the blanks and circle a or an.

                  1.                                      2.



                      a/an           ant                       a/an                                  lemon

                  3.                                      4.                                       elephant


                      a/an                                     a/an

                  5.                                      6.

                      a/an                                     a/an

                  08     Chapter 1. Nouns & Articles
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