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Let’s Practice More
                                                                   expands the story in the previous first page of each
                                                                   unit. It provides meaningful context and expanded
                                                                   exercises. These exercises can help students increase
                                                                   their knowledge and skills and understand how the
                                                                   target grammar is used.

                                                                  Remember This introduces several key sentences
                                                                  from each unit. It is designed to wrap up the unit’s
                                                                  grammar points. Teachers may encourage students to
                                                                  memorize the sentences in whole.

                                                                                     Grammar Review is provided
                                                                                     after every three units. It is
                                                                                     designed to incorporate the
                                                                                     three target grammar points
                                                                                     that students have learned. It
                                                                                     can assess and evaluate the
                                                                                     students’ understanding and
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