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Phonics with Storybooks                                                                                                                         Spotlight on

                    Spotlight on Phonics with Storybooks is a 3-level program designed for elementary
                    students studying English for the first time. This series follows a balanced reading
                    approach, incorporating reading and phonics into a single up-beat and effective lesson.

                    This series will cover the 5 essential elements of reading, as identified by the National
                    Reading Panel (NRP): Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and

                    Each unit will be rounded off with an accompanying storybook. The students will acquire
                    fluency by practicing the prominent sight words and what was just learned. The students
                    will gain a sense of pride and achievement as they complete each storybook.

                    Actual photos are used to stimulate a direct relationship with the material the students are
                    learning and real world objects. The rhythmical chants will make the learning experience
                    entertaining as well. Finally, within the lessons, there will be stories for the students to
                    immediately apply what has just been taught.


                    • Balanced Reading Strategy implementing phonics and reading interdependently

                    • Engaging storybooks designed to improve basic decoding and sight word skills
                       leading ultimately to fluency
                    • A fun song and many joyful chants with John Archambault
                    • Actual photos taken for a direct language learning experience
                    • Assessment and Review pages for self evaluation
                    • Various downloadable on-line resources
                      (i.e. answer key, worksheets, unit tests, flash cards, and syllabi)


                    • Student Book

                    • Phonics Storybooks 1~3 (included)
                    • Workbook
                    • Story Workbook
                    • Student Book Multimedia CD (included)
                    • Student Book Audio CD (included)

                    • Storybook Multimedia CD (included)
                    • Download resources
                       Answer Key / Unit Test / Level Test / Flash Card / Worksheet / Lesson Plan / MP3 Files


                                                                                 ISBN 978-89-6435-019-5

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